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    March 1, 2014
    7:00 - 7:31pm PST  

>> next as 6:00. new storm damage across the bay area. it's not the rain but the wind and waves that are to blame today. bay area reaction to the international crisis in ukraine. tonight the call from local ukraineians about the troubling situation in crimea. abc7 news at 6:00 starts now. a live look from the mt. tam cam showing clear sky tonight. a break in the rain, but it's the wind and high surf that is causing the most problems. one of the biggest problems spots has been in the south bay
and santa cruz county. sergio kin fan na is live. >> right now you can see that west cliff drive is down to one lane of vehicle traffic but a peddans are using the opposite laid. the sidewalk itself is blocked off. let me show you why. right over there, there's a sinkhole that measures 10 feet by 10 feet and then drops about 50 feet down to the ocean level below. city crews say they cordoned off a large area because they're not sure if that sinkhole might grow. the sinkhole formed after waves washed out rocks from a cave that reaches from the beach below to the street above. >> the water with the heavy storm surge came up through the hole and came up to the surface. reporter: through the year cities crews have tried to plug up the hole and even installed vents to keep the cave from
growing. jennifer was among the people who had their january walk -- afternoon walk interrupted. >> it keep growing and coming back and finally had its way. >> you can see along the curb where water was able to spout up through the concrete and a section of the sidewalk was forced up. this is the second site along the beach cliff that has been damaged from the storm surf. waves blew a hole in the driveway of this house. it's vacant right now. county crews will have to decide how safe it will be for future residents. at the sinkhole, some people gawked at the opening, try to see the ocean below. a few went past the barriers. not a good idea. you can see an edge of the blow hole from the barricades. >> it may take a few weeks to come up with a more permanent fix in santa cruz, abc7 news. >> we'll check in with
meteorologist leigh glaser. a lot of ryan the last couple of days. >> we're so grateful to see it finally. this is the first day of march. it looks like as we enter into the first week of marsh, more rain is in the seven-day forecast. you can see the wrap-around showers as the low brings us the counterclockwise flow, and the north bay, we are seeing some moisture just start to lift as it moves off the cost rooking now. moving from southeast, over towards the west, and you can see some of the shower activity starting to redevelop there, but i tell you they've been getting pounded today in southern california, los angeles, long beach, oceanside. it looks like the showers will be ending just in time for the oscars. rainfall totals, not quite impressive, although redwood city, san jose, a quarter inch,
and we'll take every drop. we'll look at the forecast coming up. >> thank you so much. a tractor-trailer rig carrying 80,000 pounds of dry cement jackknifed on eastbound 237. the chp said the roads were slick and the driver tried transition from another freeway. all lanes were closed until the rig could be moved off the road. high winds to blame interiors overturned modular home in livermore. happened at 3:00 p.m. today near north rainbow road. chp officers closed eastbound lanes for more than two hours to get the oversize it load out of the way and on the side of the freeway. all lanes are now open. nobody hurt. despite the recent reason governor brown signed legislation to deal with the drought. nearly $700 million legislation provides food and housing for workers directly affected by the drought, bond funds to help communities capture and manage
water, and provides more money for conservation corps to reduce fire fuels. the legislation has broad bipartisan support. governor brun says californians must take every action possible to conserve water. >> abc7 news has another great weather resource for you, follow@live doppler 7hd on twitter for the latest bay area weather conditions. at 6:00, police say a three-car collision in the bay view district that sent people to the hospital may have been cautioned by a drunk driver. the accident happened at 4:30 at third and taylor streets. at least three people were hurt. one car slammed into a power pole. responding officers believe at least one of the drivers was intoxicated. >> details on a badly burped body firefighters discovered in east oakland this morning. the body is that of an adult male and they suspect arson and possible homicide there. fire crews found the body after knocking down a fire outside
this apartment building at 34th avenue and foothill boulevard just after 5:00 a.m. the same building where 577-year-old woman was found dead after an apparent home invasion robbery last night. not clear if the two instance depths are connected. >> the death of man inside a berkeley apartment building is now being ruled a homicide. the man in his 50s was found dead yesterday morning by police during a welfare check. investigators are back on the scene today gathering evidence. police are not releasing any further details as they continue to investigate. developing news on the unfolding situation in ukraine. president obama spoke today to russian president vladimir putin for 90 minutes about moscow's violation of ukraineon sovereignty and territorial swig grit. --bill integrity. putin received permission from the russian parliament to invade ukraine, citing the need to
protect moscow citizens. yesterday mr. obama warned putin there would be costs if russia invadeddianin. >> russias actions sparked a protest in san francisco. the antirussian group held signs demanding russia with draw. many ukraines cast doubt on the claim russian citizens are receiving threats in ukraine. >> russian speaking population seeks protection from putin is propaganda, since i never heard that anybody who speaks russian being opressed in ukraine ever. and i lived there for 33 years. >> these protesters pointed out adolph hitler used the same excuse, protecting german citizens, when he annexed parts of second slovakia 76 years ago.
>> caltrain on veils the blueprint for going green but could thousands of trees be on the chopping block to make that happen? we'll go live to holy -- hollywood and check in on what is knew for viewers on the revved carpet. >> abc7 is the only place to see the oscars live tomorrow. and we're giving away free movie tickets for a year through our facebook page to celebrate the. there will be seven winners, today's winner is annie s from concord. just like us as news and fill out the entry form so we know how to get in touch if you if you win.
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>> the rain isn't the only thing special below about the oscars this year. some new elements sure to delight. katy is live on the red carpet. katie? >> yes, two of the new things are above my head. one of them would be under my feet but it's around the corner and i'm not allowed back there. the thing is the weather really has to clear up and these tents
have to come down if everything is going to go as planned. like a visual effect from a movie this will fly through the air. a fly cam and the first in the history of the red carpet. >> completely different vantage point. hopefully we get to utilize it. >> it's the tent, and if the rain forces it to stay in place on sunday the fly cam will only have 20% capacity. without the tent it will give overhead view for all 300 feet of the carpet. >> we have l.e.d. ticker around the gallery tent, the first time, and we carpeted up the grand staircase this year. >> spotted on the red carpet saturday, robin roberts, deep into rehearsals, and we met one of her biggest fans. >> we came to have fun, see some stars and we saw robin roberts as our first star. >> carrie will be in audience because she won
ticketers from kelly and michael. >> we get flashflood warnings and squalls and biblical rains in your forecast? >> joe lewis says they're starting to talk about whether or not there's any possibility they can take these tents down in time for the show tomorrow. he hopes, yes, because he says the rain plan is ugly and the red carpet is everyone's first impression of the show and he wants it to look as beautiful out here as it will inside the theater. live on the red carpet, abc7 news. >> hope somebody ordered umbrellas just in case. tomorrow for the first time you can watch the oscars in a new we. catch them live on your smartphone or tablet with the watch abc app. you can use watch abc to get exclusive access to what is happening back stage. there's download information for the watch abc app at
7:14pm >> up next at 6:00, yosemite loves, act quick. what you'll have to do to catch the views from half dome. leigh glaser is next with the forecast. >> coming up in sports, defending pac-12 champs stanford opens spring football practice, and the cal bears have a devil of a time trying to slow down of a time trying to slow down arizona state.
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here sunday mornings at 8:30. for more information visit okay. grab your hiking boots, hiking season in yosemite just around the corner and today they began the preseason lottery for half tome tickets. it's the most popular of yosemite hikes. 225 permits are issued, the season is expected to from late may to the middle of october. you can apply for permits for up to six people and 11 dates. >> caltrain is going green but the environmental impact could be significant. the transit agency will run on overhead electrification system
by 2019. and that means building new power stations, meaning cutting down trees in the way. up to 2200 need to be moved, 3600 need to be pruned. a quick reminder before we check in with leigh tonight. abc is the only place to see the oscars tomorrow. our coverage begin as 2:00 p.m. visit and click on countdown to oscar sunday to get a printable ballot in the "my picks" section so you can choose the winners. oscar sunday is tomorrow. i'll be watching and i'm sure so will leigh. leigh, so much rain. are we in for more rain? >> we are. we're going to get a little break tonight, and then it looks like another system will rotate in here, giving us another chance of showers tomorrow, but we'll take a look at the all-important red carpet forecast coming up in just a
moment. let's look at the live doppler 7hd. you'll notice a little bit of a break as these showers and moisture starts to feed from the south, up towards the north. just in the last 45 minutes we have seen amazing enhancement off the sonoma coastline. we'll take you in closer. guerneville reporting showers and moderate rain, and moderate rain right now at towards livermore valley area. the pocket to the south will rotate in. and we're also seeing some showers right now near san bruno. so this is not over with for the bay area. where is this system pounding showers and isolated thunderstorms has been southern california. check out that rotation of the moisture continuing towards the l.a. area. also out toward riverside. now, for the red carpet tomorrow, does look like most of
the shower activity will rotate out of the area just when they get their twinkled toes on he red carpet, looks leak the showers will move out. at 2:00, 61 degrees. we're looking live now back here in the bay area. mt. tam, richardson's bay. san jose, 61. here's a look at more numbers from our east bay cam. napa, 61. 59, fairfield. livermore, 61. looks like well go with some partly cloudy conditions to mostly cloudy overnight. we'll leave an isolated shower in our forecast. scattered tomorrow, and more rain in store for the first days of the month of march. saturday, well take a look at the animation at 8:00. we'll still continue to see some activity up towards the north bay, santa rosa, ukiah. this is a look at 5:00 tomorrow morning. cloud cover, showers. by 1:00, more activity
developing, mainly in the north bay, and then most will rotate out by tomorrow evening. here's a look at our pacific satellite. there's the low that brought us the heavy rain the past several days. it's now moving into southern california, which you'll notice the next system off the coast, the clouds and this weak cold front and a few scatters showers for us tomorrow. overnight lows, spotty showers, mid-to-upper 40s to low 50s, on sunday, in the 60s. 66 in antioch, the accuweather seven day forecast, chance of showers as well on monday. a break tuesday. and showers likely late wednesday night and on thursday, and after that we'll warm back up into the 70s. by the way, this the last full weekend of standard time. this time next week i'll be
reminding you to move your clock ahead. >> spring forward. okay. thank you so much. >> rick quan ises in for shu, talking baseball. >> one of the great stories for the athletics last season was the emergence of sonny gray. today he got the start against texas. this is just spring training but a's hall of famers rollie fingers threw out the ceremonial first pitch. gray allowed two hits and struck out a pair. scrivener had two strikeouts in his one inning of relief. the game ended in a 2-2 tie. the giants and cubs were rained out. after getting blown out by arizona earlier this week the cal bears were hoping to turn things around at arizona state. it was senior day at asu. jordan playing his final home game. justin cobb led the bears with a
5. cal trailed but the second half, all arizona state. check out this shack -- shaq attack. the monster reverse slam. worth one more look. gilling came off the bench to score season-high 15. asu wins 78-60. cal falls to 18-11, 9-7 in the pac-12. >> unbeaten wichita state end the season against missouri state. they would not be denied. 34th game without a loss. 68-45 the final. nick wiggins off the alley-oop. wichita state the first team since st. joe's in 2004 to enter league tournament unbeaten. >> exactly two months after playing in the rose bowl, pat twelve champs stanford held the first of its three open practice sessions. the cardinal will have a lot of holes to fill on both sides of the football, and offense, the biggest loss has to be tyler
gaffney. last year he ran for 21 touchdowns. coach shaw likes what he sees so far of the possible replacements. >> it's been good. i saw -- wright has been steady, making big runs, guys have been big-play guys for us, sanders and young, and made some big plays, short gains gains and log gains. i really like the group right now. at the honest -- honda classic, birdies and duckies. henley holes this shot from 150 yards out. with the shot of the day. now on 17. henley again from the fringe. his birdie putt. a 68 puts him two strokes behind
rory mcilroy. mcilroy is trying to rebounds from 2013. >> tempers flared in the english premiere league. the manager is shoved. he didn't like and it comes back with a head butt. he did later apologize but now faces a big fine and may be fired for his actions. doesn't always pay to use your head. especially in that case. >> okay, rick. we
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>> join my tonight at 9:00. thunderstorms taking hold across southern california leaving a big mess. then here at 11:00 on abc7, family's desperate plea for help. a 93-year-old marin county man missing for several days. all at 9:00 and 11:00 on abc7 news. >> a quick reminder. our oscar sunday coverage begins
at 2:00 p.m., then at 3:00, red carped live. and the oscars begins at 5:30, followed by another edition of "on the red carpet". jimmy kimmel live has the winners, followed by abc7 at 11:00. >> that's it for us. for leigh glaser, rick quan, ama daetz, mike shumann, thank you for joining us, abc7 news continues online, twitter, facebook, and all your mobile devices. devices. see you at 9:00 and 11
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